Diamonds are not the only thing to sparkle here at The Diamond Trust

We have recently taken delivery of a substantial quantity of Champagne, just in time for Christmas celebrations. Our own label makes these bottles rather special and they could become collectors’ items one day.

Champagne Fred Legras is produced from grapes from the same vineyard as those which are used in the prestigious Dom Perignon brand. The distinctive fine bubbles with which Dom Perignon is associated are also the hallmark of the Fred Legras produce.

The estate was founded in 1894 by Paul Legras, grandfather of the present owner (yes – another family business) and is situated in the heart of the Cote des Blancs, arguably the best champagne area of all. The vines are 100% Chardonnay and are grown on the chalky soil rich in minerals.

You may not be surprised to learn that we have already tasted a bottle from this year’s allocation and are not disappointed. At about a quarter of the price of Dom Perignon, we may consider selling a few to fellow connoisseurs but mostly they will be served at our in-house events.