A Ruby Wedding Celebration – With A Difference.

40 years of marriage is a milestone which should be marked in a special way. All those years ago, an engagement ring and a wedding ring represented love and commitment. Now is the time to express gratitude and appreciation for the joy shared throughout those years. It is also the opportunity of re-stating the commitment made a long time ago.

However, not everybody likes rubies. Perhaps the strong cherry red colour doesn’t suit the skin tone or maybe there is simply a preference for other colours. Recently we had the pleasure of delivering a ring and matching earrings to a client who really didn’t want rubies to mark her anniversary.

The quest began more than a year ago, when the occasion was first flagged. The client would be happy to have a red stone but not a ruby. It was agreed that the best alternative would be a red tourmaline, or rubellite as it is also known. However, the shade of red in tourmalines can vary enormously and we wanted to find a set of three matching stones that would be just right. This required several months of searching the market, at home and abroad. Just when we thought that we would never find what we were looking for a supplier in the Far East offered us precisely the right thing. We took the stones to show the client and she was thrilled. The design was agreed, and the client chose to have them made in 18ct rose gold.

Customer satisfaction is more than just an ideal. We really do love to see the delight on a client’s face as a result of a job well done.