Four Reasons to Remodel Your Old Jewellery

How much of your jewellery do you wear regularly? Chances are you have precious metals and stones sitting in the bottom of your jewellery box that rarely see the light of day. While selling them is always an option, sentimental attachment may prevent you from doing so and selling may not be the most cost-effective option.

Sentimental Value

Have you ever inherited jewellery that’s not quite to your taste? While it may not seem appropriate to sell a family heirloom, it’s equally a shame to let a precious object sit unseen in the bottom of a jewellery box.

Remodelling the metals and stones from your sentimental jewellery into something that’s just your style is the ideal way to respect the origin of the piece, turning it into something you can wear regularly and with pride.

The finished piece can look as much or as little like the original as you like. Maintaining the very personal sentimentality of your piece while reflecting your own unique style.

A ring remodelled from a family heirloom would also be a wonderful way to propose, or to celebrate your marriage. Imagine combining one piece of jewellery from each of your families to create a pair of unique, sentimental wedding bands!

Create something unique

We see remodelling as a way to write a new chapter into the story of a precious piece of jewellery.  We will work closely with you, to understand the story and history of your jewellery.  Discussing options and designs together. Turning your vision of a piece of dream jewellery into a reality.

Whatever you choose, we’ll be with you every step of the way.  Keeping you in the loop throughout the remodelling process, and making any small adjustments you consider necessary.

A cost-effective option

Often when you inherit unwanted jewellery, the temptation is to sell. However, this may not always be the most cost-effective option for you.

By investing in remodelling, the finished piece of custom made jewellery may be worth even more than the original piece, and at a fraction of the cost of new jewellery.  And of course any scrap gold not used could offset the costs of the work – a big win:win.

Modern look

Sometimes a piece of jewellery is passed down the generations and ends up looking a little dated.  We can change that.  By remodelling the piece into something more contemporary and modern looking, the jewellery gets to shine once more.


Where to begin?

Sometimes an heirloom has significant period value which must be preserved. Other times it may only be good for scrap. We can advise on how best to handle your inheritance. As we have described in this blog often the best answer is to remodel the stones into a new setting. This preserves the sentimental value and delivers a new piece that can be enjoyed. We provide a free design and estimate service, working to your brief or suggesting ideas of our own. To find out more about our remodelling service call us on 01442 200040 or email