Freedom of the City

John Watson is given the ‘Freedom of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths’ and thereby will be given the ‘Freedom of the City of London.’

It may not be the New Year’s honours list but in the Watson household and at The Diamond Trust we are thrilled that John is continuing in a family tradition. Vivian became a Freeman in 1989 and was elected to the Livery in 1995.

John Watson

The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths is one of the oldest of the City of London Livery companies ranking fifth in order of precedence after the Mercers, Grocers, Drapers and Fishmongers. The Goldsmiths Company received its first Royal Charter in 1327 and today continues to look after the wellbeing of the industry.

The benefits of being a Freeman of the City of London apparently include – the right to drive sheep and cattle over London Bridge, to carry a naked sword in public; and that if the City of London Police finds a freeman drunk and incapable, they will bundle him or her into a taxi and send them home rather than throw them into a cell.