It is only three weeks until Spring is officially here again and with the expectation of longer and warmer days, we are glad to say good-bye to the winter. As the natural world comes out of hibernation, we look forward to fresh opportunities, meeting new customers and continuing to look after our long-established client friendships. We thought you might like to know about a few dates in March of greater or lesser significance.

1st March is the birthday of Harry Winston. Born in 1896, he would be 123 years old today.  Harry Winston became ‘The King of Diamonds’ in his own life-time. He was a passionate gemmologist and a keen business man. He opened his first shop in New York in 1932 and achieved great publicity in ‘Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend’ Among his clients were the Windsors and he also supplied the famous Taylor-Burton diamond. Perhaps one of his most memorable acquisitions was the purchase of the Hope diamond which he subsequently donated to the Smithsonian Institute. He died in 1978 aged 82 and left an empire of stores throughout the world.

Harry Winston

15th March According to the American Website – this is National Jewel Day. Do we need an excuse? Everyday is a jewel day.

20th  March is the centenary of the opening of The Burlington Arcade in London’s West End. The arcade has always offered a wide selection of luxury products. Originally built for Lord George Cavendish, it has maintained its prominence as a retail centre being only just around the corner from Bond Street. It has had an eventful history and has seen many celebrities over the years.  Perhaps the most infamous event to take place there was the robbery in 1964 when thieves drove a Jaguar car at speed down the arcade, smashed the windows of a jeweller and stole thousands of pounds worth of stock. The criminals escaped in the same car and were never caught. Immediately after the event, bollards were installed.

North entrance to the Burlington Arcade

31st March is Mother’s Day in the UK, nine months after Father’s Day. In other countries it is celebrated on different dates throughout the year. We have chosen the fourth Sunday of Lent. It is a day to celebrate, whether your mother is alive or has passed away. There was a tradition in the 16th Century of visiting your Mother Church once a year on this date. This created the opportunity for families to be reunited and mothers to enjoy time with their children. Those in service were given the day off to make their journeys.

It has become a tradition to share a meal and send a card or a present. We all need to appreciate our Mums. Perhaps, a small gift of jewellery would be appropriate.


Mother’s Day Pendants