Seems that diamonds really are a girls best friend

A recent article in the Telegraph reported that shoppers in the US and Europe are increasingly buying diamond gifts for themselves.  Gift-giving is still the foundation of sales, but more and more financially independent women are treating themselves to diamond jewellery.

According to De Beers the split is across younger, “millennial” shoppers – those born after 1980 – and married women.  And why not?  Why wait around for a man to buy you a diamond ring or diamond pendant? If buying jewellery makes you happy, go for it!

Gone are the days of waiting until Christmas or your birthday to be given a piece of jewellery (that you may not have even liked).  Buying jewellery is like buying clothes, it’s much easier to pick out the pieces you love for yourself..

Stephen Lussier, marketing director of De Beers, said that one-third of all sales in the US, the world’s biggest diamond market, were now down to “self-purchase”, up from around a quarter before 2008.

It’s true that modern women are more financially independent than they ever have been before, but they’re also more proud of their independence. They deserve something sparkly to show for it.  So, go shop ….  those diamond earrings you’ve had your eye on, or that diamond bracelet you’ve been lusting after, gift something special to you.