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It is only three weeks until Spring is officially here again and with the expectation of longer and warmer days, we are glad to say good-bye to the winter. As the natural world comes out of hibernation, we look forward to fresh opportunities, meeting new customers and continuing to look after our long-established client friendships. […]

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Why Are Diamond Engagement Rings Popular?

No one can say with any authority exactly when the custom of giving rings for engagement or betrothal began.  There is a reference in Genesis (Chapter 24 v 22) which describes the giving of a ring, weighing five and a half grams, when Isaac sets his sights on Rebekah. Many ancient civilisations such as the […]

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Vivian Celebrates Golden Anniversary

In September 1967, you could buy an ounce of gold for $35. Today the same ounce would cost you $1290. Fifty years have made a huge difference. It was in September 1967 that Vivian Watson joined his father in the family business, then located in London’s Hatton Garden. Now 50 years on it is an […]

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